Monetize your content globally

Use Bitcoin global network to raise money and tips from your fanbase, readers, supporters, viewers... Anybody!

How to use OpenTip

A multi-platform approach that brings Bitcoin and Lightning into the toolbox of content creators for a worldwide monetisation experience of their content. Our “Tips Tracker” section will help you to keep track of all the tips you receive throughout all the platforms where your content is present.

Sign Up now and see what you can do with OpenTip! We offer free accounts and we take 1% of the tips you get. OpenTip will be particularly useful for professional content creators and performers who have a fanbase or just many viewers, but anybody can use it really. Grow your fanbase by supporting bitcoin tips.

Generate unique QRCodes

Opentip gives you the chance to generate QRCodes and use them for example on your blog, your posts, videos, live streams, tweets, books, websites.. EVERYWHERE! Thanks to our QRcodes your followers will be able to send you tips in bitcoin. Our Management Service offers custody of the funds you creators receive, until you submit an instant withdrawal request.

Why tips in bitcoin?

Anybody can send you tips from everywhere

Made for the billions of unbanked around the world

The Lightning Network enable micropayments

One simple solution for videos, images, writings, podcasts and soon streaming.

Get your custom Lightning Address, very useful for podcasters, just state it!

Tips tracker

Our "Tips Tracker" section will help you to keep track of all the tips you receive throughout all the platforms where your content is present. You will see how many tips you have received for every piece of content, on which platform, the amounts, the messages that can come with transactions and all the other relevant data.

Read messagesfrom your fanbase

Thanks to Bitcoin and the Lightning Network everybody can now send messages when they make a transaction. This way you can increase engagement with your dearest followers, the ones that are directly supporting you with tips and donations.

Streamlabs integration

User of Streamlabs? Start receiving Bitcoin tips via Lightning just by creating an account on Opentip and place one of our QRcodes on your screen!

It will have the same effect of when you receive a tip in dollars or euros: personalised alerts on the screen, see the amount of sats received, see the message sent via the Lightning network, etc..

Go live on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook powered by Lightning Network ⚡ now!

Online Digital Global Busking

OpenTip enables what we call “Online Digital Global Busking” (ODGB). ODGB is a new concept now possible thanks to the invention of Bitcoin.

Thanks to Bitcoin, and now the Lightning Network, it is possible for content creators of any kind to get paid directly by their fanbase, from anywhere in the world, anytime, for a recording or a live streaming performance, a blog article or a newsletter. And it is now finally possible to receive tips for your performances no matter who you are or where you are, banked and unbanked.

We also support the concept of Value-for-Value. In the words of Dergigi:

“The idea is simple but sounds radical: you provide your content for free, for everyone, without access restrictions. If people enjoy it, if people get value out of it, you make it easy for people to give value back. It might sound outrageous in this day and age, but this model has worked for thousands of years. It is the model of street performers, the model of buskers, the model of voluntary giving. However, in cyberspace, we don't run into the physical limitations of traditional busking. Digital content scales in ways that performances in meatspace never will. The value-for-value model flips the traditional payment model on its head. Traditionally, enjoyment follows payment. In the value-for-value approach, payment follows enjoyment—voluntarily.”

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